Customer’s open letter to our political muppets

It is with growing frustration that I observe the negative politics about the use of eCigarettes. I can only assume that at a Territory and Federal level, politicians and their minders are failing to undertake their duty to inform themselves of the obvious benefits afforded by this technology.

Take for instance Greg Hunt’s recent comment: 

Health Minister Greg Hunt says:

 “he will never lift the ban on e-cigarettes (referring to juices containing nicotine [sic]) despite an ongoing Senate inquiry into their use.” This statement has been  made before the Senate inquiry has handed down their findings.

Asked why he had made this decision before the Senate inquiry reported its findings, Minister Hunt said:

“the parliamentary process was a good way of dealing with and exposing the health claims associated with e-cigarettes.” This was little more than an ego boosting comment to let voters know he was in power and “very tough.”

My personal experience, wide readings on both sides of the argument and research does not support this view. The experiences of countless thousands of eCigarette users globally further adds weight to their positive effects.

At a personal level, I gave up smoking six (6) years ago and eCigarettes were by far the most critical (only) factor in my success. There were many many prior attempts. Before and after chest X-ray’s have shown there has been no progression of the early stage emphysema detected in 2011.

As reported in Science Daily, “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis and emphysema, is expected to become the third-greatest cause of death worldwide by the year 2020.”

 Many of these deaths would be prevented by eCigarettes.

As much as I am opposed to the nanny state, If Government were truly concerned about the health of Australians they would legislate to make nicotine juices available. It really is a, “no brainer.”

I urge Territory MLA’s who could make a difference to use the taxpayer resources afforded to you to appropriately bring this matter before the Territory Parliament.

If current policies do not change history will judge our lawmakers to have lacked foresight, but even more concerning, they will have the deaths of thousands of Australians on their hands.

Yours sincerely

Rex Symonds