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Customer’s open letter to our political muppets

It is with growing frustration that I observe the negative politics about the use of eCigarettes. I can only assume that at a Territory and Federal level, politicians and their minders are failing to undertake their duty to inform themselves of the obvious benefits afforded by this technology. Take for instance Greg Hunt’s recent comment:  […]

Announcement about Vaping

Vaping according to certain self interest groups is bad……that’s why there is much misinformation floating about all of which is shameful when you consider how it can and does stop many smokers from making the switch to this cheaper and less harmful option. As a heavy ex smoker myself I KNOW electronics cigarettes have literally saved my […]

Electronic Cigarettes Medical Experts World Health

Electronic Cigarettes could save lives, WHO told FIVE Australians are among 53 doctors and policy experts urging the UN’s health agency to embrace the e-cigarette as a life-saving gadget ahead of World No Tobacco Day………………………………..The letter said e-cigarettes “could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century, perhaps saving hundreds of millions […]

Cancer Council of Australia article on e-cigarettes

In April the Cancer Council of Australia published an article on their website outlining their views on electronic cigarettes. This has triggered a massive amount of great replies posted by readers obviously concerned by the harm a bias article like this from a respected health organisation could do. The article –  Extreme caution needed on electronic cigarettes – Cancer Council Australia Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine […]

Australia watches out for the health of it’s citizens ?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) oversees such matters, and they have declared that “Nicotine is classified by law as a dangerous poison. States and territories have responsibility for regulating dangerous poisons. In all states and territories, the retail sale of nicotine is an offence unless a permit has been issued by the relevant state or territory authority. In some […]

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