About Electronic Cigarettes

Don’t smoke – Vape instead – far less expensive and far less harmful.lady-ecig

Electronic Cigarettes, better named Vaporizer Pens, are an alternative to smoking. The vapour they produce looks like smoke for a few seconds then disappears. While the experience of vaping is undeniably similar to that of smoking, these 2 products couldn’t be any more different.

The ‘E-liquid’ used in electronic cigarettes is made up of 2 main ingredients PG and VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin). There is also some food flavouring and nicotine (although not essential). PG has been around since 1950 and was first used in medicines as a germicide and still is to today. (Asthma inhalers are a prominent example). It is also used in many of the foods on our supermarket shelves for it’s flavour enhancing qualities as is VG. Compare that to the hundreds (or is it thousands ?) of chemicals produced by cigarette smoke and it’s easy to understand why E-cigarettes are proving far less harmful and amazingly effective in helping smokers to quit, often cold turkey. There is no carbon monoxide, no tar, no smell, and the COST is only a fraction of that of cigarettes particularly in Australia.

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