KangerTech Dual Coil atomizers (Box of 5) updated version


Authentic KangerTech Bottom Dual Coil Atomizers (Box of 5)

These are the updated version of the BDC replacement KangerTech dual coils.

Come in a box of 5 each individually sealed.

1.8 ohms they fit all Kangertech BDC clearomizers namely :-

  • AeroTank
  • Aerotank Mini
  • Aerotank Mega
  • Protank 3
  • Mini Protank 3
  • EVOD 2
  • T3D
  • EVOD Glass
  • EMOW

Please Note: KangerTech reccomends changing coils about every 2 weeks for the average vaper.

After many variations it looks like KangerTech have got it right with their third version of their bottom dual coil atomizer.

Here are all three

KangerTech Dual Coil Atomizers Versions 1-3

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