eVod Twist (900 mAh)


The eVod Twist Variable Voltage Battery.

Almost identical in appearance to the eGo-C Twist the eVod has a flat button and the same thread but a better fit.

evod-closeupThe level can be set anywhere from 3.2 up to 4.8 Volts.

Higher voltage settings result in faster vapour production and a stronger throat hit however setting the voltage too high can cause the E-liquid to give off a burnt taste and shorten the life of the clearomizer coils.

For our E-liquid, which has a base of 80% PV  20% VG mixture, we recommend settings no higher than 4 Volts using standard CE-4 or CE-5 Clearomizers.

The right voltage level largely depends on your own personal preference however this may change when switching liquids and/or clearomizers.

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