FLOWERMATE V3.0 AIR Dry Herb Vaporizer


The V3.0 AIR Dry Herb Vaporizer is NEW from Flowermate

and is one of the first portable vaporizers to use a convection air flow system (usually only available in a home unit)

(Many portable vaporizers use a conduction  heating system)


This new AirFlow system evenly distributes air throughout the chamber without cooking the blend.

  • 100% Pure Vapor. No Combustion ever
  • Compact Pen Design. Only 6″ tall
  • Light Weight Aluminum. The vape weighs only 5oz
  • Heats in less than a minute. The vape is ready when the light is solid, unlike some other brands *cough*
  • Improved Chamber
  • Convection Airflow
  • 5 Minute Shut Off

The New Chamber

The new FlowerMate design is all about flavor and dense vapor. The ceramic chamber is deeper then the standard FlowerMate and has larger air holes. This provides vapor that is much more dense, and with more free flowing air than any other FlowerMate version. The 2 side airflow holes are placed above the electronics and battery which ensure the quality flavor. The all glass chamber connects to your Borosilicate glass mouthpiece which keeps that flavor nice and pure.Waxy Tank: The new Waxy tank is filled with organic cotton wick. Organic Cotton is perfect for solid and liquid materials.Dry Tanks: You do not need the dry tank to vaporize your blends however if you are on the go this is a great option. The dry tanks are air vented on the sides and bottom. Perfect for quick loading your vaporizer.

That Sleek Design

FlowerMate vaporizers are known for their sturdy builds, the V3 is no exception to this rule. The new V3 Air has an aluminum shell with leather hand grips that have chrome trim on the black, or copper for the white.

New Mouthpiece

The New BoroSilicate Glass Mouthpiece utilizes the cone design which spins and cools the vapor before it reaches your mouth. The 1/4″ mouthpiece tip has plenty of room for great airflow.


Easy To Use

The single button design keeps things simple. Load the Chamber. Press the button 5 times to turn it on. Wait for the blinking light to turn solid and you are good to go. The temperature is adjusted by holding the button for 3 seconds. That’s it! The V3 Air has Three Settings: Blue 385f (196c) Purple 400f (204c)

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Tobacco and dry herbs when smoked burns at over 800 degrees Celsius. A good vaporizer produces vapour at less than 185 degrees Celcius.

Why Vaporizing Medical Cannabis Is Getting Popular – http://www.theweedblog.com/why-vaporizing-medical-cannabis-is-getting-popular/

vaping not smoking

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