eLuv Slim Vape Pen



The eLuv Slim Electronic Cigarette

like the name says is slimmer than the standard eGo style electronic cigarette and about the same diameter as a cigarette or a “cig-a-like”.

About the same size as an average pen it’s nice and light, has a 310 mAh rechargeble battery and pushes out 3.7Volts of power with each puff.

Using clearomizer technology the eLuv Slim will produce a vapour more satisfying than any of the “cig-a-likes” on the market and puts out as much power as the larger eGo.

It’s perfect for the ladies and recommended for light smokers who won’t need to recharge as often.

For a very light smoker this should last all day on one charge however a second Eluv Slim is a wise purchase serving as a backup when one runs flat.

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